Hotel Vrujci

The hotel “Vrujci” is a recreational-sports complex which has among other things 3 outdoor and one indoor pool.

The outdoor recreational swimming pools of the hotel Vrujci (3 pools) are unique in Serbia since they are constructed an actual thermal sources and are filled from deep wells with a large amount of water and so the water flows through the pools.

The water is renewed up to seven times during the day. In the evening the pools are emptied for cleaning and filled up again during the night. If the weather conditions allow it they can be used from the end of April until the beginning of October.

The children’s pool: 30 m long and 16m wide has a depth of 0,5m to 0,8m. The size of the semi Olympic swimming pool is 50m long and 12.5m wide. It’s depth is 1.20m – 2.60m. The recreational Olympic size swimming pool is 50m long and 25m wide, 1.3 – 2.20m deep. It is filled with thermal water.

It has two watch points and a 60 m long and 9m high slide. Around the pool is a lawn which is regularly maintained, and many deciduous trees provide enough shade on hot summer days. There are 3 showers and many changing rooms as well as two small and one big pool buffet.

Apart from the outdoor pools, hotel Vrujci has an indoor recreational swimming pool, 25m long 12.5m wide, 1.2 – 2.20m deep. It is filled with thermal water from deep wells, and temperature of the water in it is slightly lower of the output 27 °C. The pool is equipped with showers and is linked to the hotel beach which is sunny all day.