Traces of material culture and folk traditions indicate that the area around the Vrujci spring has been inhabited since early in history. From this time dates existence of the Vrujci “wild” Spa, which lasted until 1935, when it become a national.

The River Gornja Toplica flows through Vrujci so named (topla – warm) because the water never freezes, not even in the winter and it evaporates from the warmth. Folklore says that there was the palace of Toplica Milan, a folklore hero and the half brother of Miloš Obilić. People say he took his name from the name of the river.

The remedial qualities of the water were discovered by the Serbian warriors who at the time of the many battles, and especially “Kolubara” battle, tended to their wounds and their other illness bathing in the river. Even the peasant women who stood for a long time barefoot soaking flax and rope in the river, noticed that their wounds on their feet healed faster, rheumatism and other illnesses disappeared.

Special value is the power of water from Vrujci to help in the treatment of barren. Many times have the people from the hotel been godfathers to a long-desired child.


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